Chris finds a wealth of culinary inspiration on an exciting gastronomic journey around the beautiful uncharted territory of Greenland. Chris seeks out the most natural Greenlandic produce and cooks up a variety of wonderful dishes from fresh potato salad to reindeer, black halibut, king crab, musk ox and seal.

Scallops on croutons

Freshly caught Greenlandic Scallops served on croutons and a nest of lettuce.

Wild Salmon

Wild Salmon from the cold waters of Greenland with fresh pasta and crème fraiche.

Grilled King Crab Legs

Freshly caught King (Snow) Crab legs grilled and served with garlic mayonnaise, Marie Rose sauce and a salsa dip.

Grilled Reindeer loin steaks

Chris is joined by the Greenland Prime Minister & cooks Reindeer steaks with sauteed potatoes & vine ripened tomatoes.

Sea Urchins

Chris prepares an unusual dish with Sea Urchins from the clean, cold waters of Greenland with scrambled egg.

Fresh Greenlandic Prawns

Freshly caught prawns with ginger, chilli, garlic, red pepper, spring onion and celery served on griddled bread with a garlic rub.

Greenlandic Musk Ox

Chris cooks Greenlandic Musk Ox steak with sauteed potatoes and garlic, olives, red cabbage and mushrooms.

Pot Roasted Ptarmigan

Pot roasted Ptarmigan, the Arctic Grouse, common in Greenland served with a potato rosti, cabbage, beetroot, bacon & a red wine jus.

Mussels Mariniere

Chris cooks the classic mussels mariniere with freshly caught mussels from the clean, cold waters of Greenland.

Black Halibut

Greenlandic Black Halibut served with pot roasted peppers, salami, aubergine, cherry tomatoes and a saffron and white wine sauce.

Greenlandic Seal

Chris cooks a local speciality – seal from the fjords of East Greenland and serves with a satay sauce and chilli dip.


Freshly caught catfish from the clean, cold fjords of East Greenland served with an Austrian potato salad and avocados.

Smoked Fresh Trout

Trout smoked with whiskey and lemongrass, served with a simple cucumber salad and rye bread.


Chris visits a Greenlandic farm and cooks fresh loin of lamb with roasted vegetables, olives and potatoes.

Greenlandic Cod

Freshly caught cod from the clean, cold waters of Greenland served with sauteed new potatoes, a celeriac salad, radishes and local herbs.

Fresh Potato Salad

Chris visits a Greenland farm and cooks a fresh potato salad with anchovies, local tomatoes, hard boiled eggs and croutons.