When you’re drinking Pimm’s you know it’s summer.

Chances are your first taste of Pimm’s will come in July, and be served to you from a pitcher at your local pub or restaurant.

But the best way to drink it is to make your own. It’s so easy, and the results are so delicious.

Pimm’s always reminds me of Wimbledon, and specifically last year, when Andy Murray finally achieved his big breakthrough and became the first Briton to win the men’s singles crown since Fred Perry.

That was probably the last time I drank Pimm’s, until a few days ago when I made my own – and all the memories of summer warmth came flooding back.

Here’s how to do it. First, make sure you grab a big glass jug with a handle and fill it with fruit – mint, oranges, cucumber, raspberries, strawberries. Whatever you like.

Next, and here’s my TOP TIP – add your lemonade. Don’t be tempted to follow convention and put the lemonade in last, like I did in the video. For some reason it fizzes up and takes an age to settle.

After you’ve added your lemonade, pile in plenty of ice, and then finally the Pimm’s.

It’s up to you how much you put in, but just because it tastes so delightful doesn’t mean it won’t give you a headache in the sun if you make it too strong!

And remember, if you really haven’t got the energy to make a jug yourself, we can always sort you out with a lovely fresh pitcher of Pimm’s at The Crown or The Ship!