I recently had the good fortune to make another appearance at one of Mary Kemp’s cookery theatres alongside my good friend and meat supplier Arthur Howell.

The man with the red coat and I teamed up together to extol the virtues of spring lamb in the Food Hall at the 2014 East Anglian Game & Country Fair.

Now if you’ve seen Arthur and I at a cookery demo before you’ll know that we spend almost as much time trying to get one over on each other as we do discussing food.

We always aim to educate and inform whatever subject we’re dealing with – this time it was a spring lamb – but we also like to give the good people watching us a few laughs along the way.

The Game Fair was no different and our packed audience seemed to enjoy our verbal sparring as much as our tips on what to look for when buying and cooking spring lamb.

Half way through our demo I noticed that my little boy Max had crept from behind the stage and was hiding beneath one of the speakers.

Arthur was convinced it was a ploy I had enacted to put him off his stride but I was as surprised to see the little fella as he was! If you look closely you can see him in shot.

Thanks to everyone who came to see our presentation. I hope you learned something that you could take away with you to enhance your enjoyment of spring lamb.

As to who won the battle of the banter I’ll leave those who were there to decide – Arthur is convinced he had the better of me but you won’t be surprised to hear I disagree.

Well done to the organisers of the Game Fair  for once again putting on a great event. Max and I especially enjoyed the German salami stall we visited after the demo!